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Mulmeyun comes from the word "mülmellün", which is in mapudüngun, the language of the Mapuche people, indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile, it roughly translates to shivering, and it represents everything I want to portray with this project.

You can find the entry for mülmellün in many mapudüngun dictionaries, however, mapuches only have oral lore, so there was no such thing as written mapudüngu, it was documented and translated by spanish missionaries in the early XVII century, as it had many sounds that aren't used in español, the jesuits proposed an alphabet based on theirs with altered graphemes for the added articulations so that they could convert the locals to christianity, but the church failed in their evangelization and the Mapuche never adopted a written tradition, much work has been done to literalize mapudüngun but to this day there is not a single agreed upon way of writing this tongue, and the small groups of Mapuche left after their genocide during la conquista are reluctant to teach their way of life even to their own children.

All of this means that there is not a single reliable resource for learning mapudüngun, and as it turns out, the word "mülmellün" most likely was a mistranslation and it does not actually exist, the most accurate translation for shivering I've found is "mülmülun" which sounds nothing like the word I originally chose, the "ll" grapheme corresponds to the palatal lateral approximant, as in "LLorar" in spanish, whereas in mülmülun, the "l" is the dental lateral appoximant, like "luLL" in english, I stylized mülmellün to mulmeyun because I wanted to propose an international way of spelling that would sound similar to the original even if you didn't know which phonemes every character represented, but just like everyone that has tried to do that before me, I failed miserably.

I've decided to continue using mulmeyun despite its literal degeneracy because it shows how fragile our heritage really is, how much we've forgotten, how much we never really knew, how much we long to remember and learn and how much we fail while doing so.

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名前:(*゚Д゚)さん:2006/01/18(水) 19:46:45 ID:ANUP1kKV
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