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A new way forward
Mulmeyun is a project that seeks an answer to the hopelessness of the modern era. Against the absurdity and nihilism that rots the very basis of today's culture, it recognizes suffering and sacrifice as necessary for a brighter future, thus it is unapologetically traditionalist as well as romantic. Its pride is not the hubris of he who thinks himself his own God, rather one that knows what's rightfully his and is willing to die for that which is beyond.
Mulmeyun comes from the word "mülmellün", which is in mapudüngun, the language of the Mapuche people, indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile, it roughly translates to shivering, and it represents everything I want to portray with this project.
Free Fonts for your Metal or Rock Project
These are fonts that I have collected from all over the web, most of them are freeware, some use the Open Font License. All of them are usable in commercial works as far as I'm aware, so long as you don't redistribute the font itself. That being said, I encourage you to use a search engine to find the original author of each font and check whether or not you have permission to use it in your particular product.
The Ultimate Vocaloid Growl Tutorial
How to make a VOCALOID growl / Death Metal scream / Black Metal shriek. This is my personal method to get a full sound, without focusing on how realistic it is. I'm 90% sure that this is how Utsu-P got his main vocals 'till Algorithm, after that, they got clearer and less processed, but the first few steps still apply. I'll explain how to replicate them with VOCALOID 4 and 5, but the methods for V4 also work for V3.