Mulmeyun is a project that seeks an answer to the hopelessness of the modern era. Against the absurdity and nihilism that rots the very basis of today's culture, it recognizes suffering and sacrifice as necessary for a brighter future, thus it is unapologetically traditionalist as well as romantic. Its pride is not the hubris of he who thinks himself his own God, rather one that knows what's rightfully his and is willing to die for that which is beyond.

First album "Struggle" is the beginning of the journey that once started in doubt, you are invited to live the stages of grief; to lash out in rage and drown away in sorrow, to weep and to dance alone or in company of your failures, for the ghosts of your past will forever possess you lest the emotion flows out. May your tears be plentiful so as to water your spirit and destruction be at your wake so as you hate no one.


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